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Jobify is Cambodia's #1 Job Matching Service specialized in IT.

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About Jobify

Jobify is Cambodia's #1 Job Matching Service specialized in IT. We provide job seekers, especially freshly graduated students, with the accessibility to our vast pool of job opportunities. For the company looking to recruit employees, we ensure you will have the best candidate in the market.

Recruitment Service

For company looking for employees, we ensure the best candidate with expertise in their job while charging reasonable fee.

Outsourcing Service

For company looking for outsourcing services, we have staff from KIT which is one of the most reputed education institutes.


Mobile App Features

Upload CV and find jobs that matches with you.

Upload your CV and get the jobs that are suitable with you.

  • Upload your CV on the app.
  • Browse the matched jobs.
  • Apply to the one that you are interested in.

We use artificial intelligence to help find the jobs that best match with you so that you can have a higher chance to get selected after applying.

Easy to apply for a job.

With just a swipe, you have already applied to your dream job and are one step closer to get it.

Each job post is designed in a way that make you easy to find your favorite job title. After finding it, you can just swipe to the left in order to apply. Don't forget to upload CV before applying!

Practical, Convenient User Interface.

Convenient for IT job seekers to find and apply jobs.

  • Search job.
  • Find matched jobs with your CV.
  • Disovery jobs based on your interests.
  • Contact Jobify Team for support.


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